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The Rallye Club of Silicon Valley

TRC is a California nonprofit corporation, operating under IRS 501(c)(7) rules.

From an operations standpoint, the order of precedence is:

  1. Articles of Incorporation that are filed with the CA Secretary of State.
  2. TRC Bylaws, updated November 2006 (PDF, 64kB)
  3. TRC Operating Procedures (PDF version).
  4. Membership Policy
  5. Rules Documents, which can be thought of as "work instructions", for those who are familiar with ISO-9000 document structures.
    1. TRC Gimmick Rallye Rules
    2. TRC Timed Rallye Rules
    3. TRC Accounting Rules
    4. TRC Contact Database Rules

(Eventually these will all link to their appropriate approved documents, but the board is still in the process of cleaning up some details. At present, each may not be approved.)

There are other, informal procedures around, including: