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Has another rallyemaster ever told you something that was especially helpful? Is there anything you learned the hard way that you wish someone had told you beforehand? Please feel free to add these insights.

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In roughly chronological order, the rallyemaster handbook comprises these pages:


Well Before the Rallye

Rallye Writing


Before the Rallye

  • Printing for TRC Rallyes
  • TRC Equipment
  • Coursemarker Guidelines
  • Prechecking Gimmick Rallyes
  • Police Notification
  • Obtain the password for TRC's Twitter account
    • Tweet an invitation (practice tweet) 1-2 days before the rallye, perhaps when your PGIs are posted.
    • Be prepared to tweet notifications during the rallye, if necessary.
    • Remember to also have CP workers notify all cars, to reach those not following TRC on Twitter.
  • Assure your phone is on, your ringer is loud, and you allow calls to ring even when not from one of your contacts.
    • Have someone at the start (not in your contacts), place a test call to you.

At the Finish

See also the applicable Timeline section.

  • The first person to the finish should have
    • Critiques (and maps)
    • Eval cards
    • A TRC logo or sign (not a CP sign if you don't have CP gimmicks) to indicate TRC.
  • Score the rallye, answer questions, evaluate protests.
  • Provide all protests to the Protest Committee for review.
  • Scores altered by protests are typically re-written in red.
  • Announce the scores and issue awards. Take a photo of the score board, just in case it helps address questions later.
  • Save extra registration packets and critiques; we sell the pair for $1 or put them in the start box to sell at future rallies.
  • The Treasurer wants the registration tally sheet.

After the Rallye

  • Take down any rallye signs (e.g., CMs)
  • Send results to TRC-Talk and webmaster and BCC your rallyists.
  • Request Reimbursement
  • Save all scoresheets

See also Gimmick Rallye Timeline#After_Rallye